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Bondlabels was formed in 1969 and is still one of the UK’s leading self adhesive label manufacturers.

The company specialises in the production of plain, unprinted, self adhesive labels and sheets serving the entire printing industry.

Bondlabels operate from a modern 20000ft factory in Essex  within easy reach of major trunking roads and ports and using the latest label converting machines to ensure that their labels are of the highest quality.

The Bondlabels reputation for reliability, quality and service throughout the industry is second to none.

Stick with the Best

Over 40 Years of Labels

Bondlabels source all materials from well known and long established paper makers only, who adhere to a strict environmental standards.

Environmentally Friendly

We care very much about the planet and do all that we can to be as green as possible.




Bondlabels source all material from sustainable sources.

Certification can be supplied upon request.

Bondlabels use cartons sourced from recycled paper and cardboard.

We also enforce a strict recycling policy.

Bondlabels only uses non toxic adhesive on all of their labels.

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