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A Range Series 3 Labels

A Range Labels are manufactured in perfect register.

Series  Labels have a sheet size of 184mm x 254mm.

Each box contains 200 sheets.

A Series 3
Available colours:
White, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Cream, Pink, Gold and four Fluorescent colours: Flame, Green, Lemon and Orange.
All colours are manufactured with standard permanent adhesive.
White labels can be supplied with both permanent and removable adhesive.
17mm x 75mm
24 Labels per Sheet
4800 Labels per Box
20mm x 75mm
21 Labels per Sheet
4200 Labels per Box
25mm x 75mm
18 Labels per Sheet
3600 Labels per Box
30mm x 75mm
15 Labels per Sheet
3000 Labels per Box
38mm x 75mm
12 Labels per Sheet
2400 Labels per Box
50mm x 75mm
9 Labels per Box
1800 Labels per Box
75mm x 110mm
4 Labels per Sheet
800 Labels per Box
76mm x 152mm
3 Labels per Sheets
600 Labels per Box
76mm diameter
6 Labels per Sheet
1200 Labels per Box