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L Range
CLIP labels - A universal range of labels designed for Copier, Laser, Inkjet and Print. Manufactured in perfect register
on A4 sheets.
They are available on standard material in White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Cream, Pink and four Fluorescent colours:
Flame, Green, Lemon and Orange.
Also available on five specialist * materials: Gold, Silver, Clear Matt, Clear Gloss and Polylaser White.
All labels are manufactured with a standard permanent adhesive.
White labels can be supplied with both permanent and removable adhesive.
*Please note that specialist materials are not suitable for use with inkjet printers.

L Range

L Range Labels are manufactured in industry standards layouts.

L Range Labels have a sheet size of 210mm x 297mm.

Each box contains 100 sheets.

35mm x 70mm
24 Labels per Sheet
2400 Labels per Box
35mm x 105mm
16 Labels per Sheet
1600 Labels per Box
50mm x 105mm
10 Labels per Sheet
1000 Labels per Box
70mm x 105mm
8 Labels per Sheet
800 Labels per Box
95mm x 105mm
6 Labels per Sheet
600 Labels per Box
105mm x 149mm
4 Labels per Sheet
400 Labels per Box
140mm x 210mm
2 Labels per Sheet
200 Labels per Box
148mm x 210mm
2 Labels per Sheet
200 Labels per Box
210mm x 297mm
1 Label per Sheet
100 Labels per Box
50mm x 700mm
15 Labels per Sheet
1500 Labels per Box
70mm x 70mm
12 Labels per Sheet
1200 Labels per Box